Spin Out Companies

We encourage and support the formation of spin-out companies using unique expertise and resources available within the university.

Lancaster Cryogenics

Lancaster Cryogenics is a campus-based spin-out company that offers expertise and capability in cryogenic engineering and sensitive measurement techniques, building on the knowledge base and pioneering history of the Low Temperature Physics research group at Lancaster University.

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Togeva Limited is a mobile development company that creates software for bringing people together. It was founded in 2010 by Lancaster University Graduate Jennifer Sheridan. Jennifer gained a PhD in Computer Science during which she established the field of Digital Live Art. She is now CEO of the company.

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Relative Insight

Relative Insight, based at Lancaster University's InfoLab21, was started by Lancaster University School of Computing and Communicationsgraduates Dr James Walkerdine and Dr Phil Greenwood. It has commercialised analysis technologies that were originally designed to find and track criminals online for child protection and other government agencies, and now applies them to turn language into data to give brands contextual intelligence on consumers and competitors.

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EntelSenSys, established in July 2010 as a spin-out of Lancaster University, is a knowledge-based company which offers products and complete solutions with high research and intelligence quotient.

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Hybrid Instruments

Hybrid Instruments was formed in 2003 as a Lancaster University spin-out. The company specialises in the design and development of high speed embedded systems for real-time digital acquisition and analysis of signals arising from radiation detectors.

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Lancaster Materials Analysis

Lancaster University spin out company Lancaster Material Analysis Ltd. (LMA), based in Lancaster, offers commercial access to material analysis services, in particular scanning probe microscopy and cross-sectional imaging and analysis.

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