Togeva Limited

Jennifer Sheridan

The Organisation

Togeva Limited is a mobile development company that creates software for bringing people together. It was founded in 2010 by Lancaster University Graduate Jennifer Sheridan. Jennifer gained a PhD in Computer Science during which she established the field of Digital Live Art. She is now CEO of the company.

Why they formed

Canadian Founder & CEO Jennifer G. Sheridan piloted her first mobile application called Graffito at a large-scale music festival in the UK. Graffito, which allows users to paint graffiti-like art on their mobiles, was a huge success. Jennifer then founded Togeva Limited to develop more applications, and allow people to create and share digital content on mobile devices.

Expertise Offered

  • Software development

Company Feedback 

"Studying at Lancaster University gave me the freedom to combine my interests in live art, creativity and computer science - which was quite left field at the time. However, Lancaster provided the environment for me to take risks, push for change and to hone my skills as a creative developer. So, over the course of completing my PhD in Computer Science, I was, albeit unwittingly, nurturing entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that creativity and risk is at the very heart of entrepreneurship.

"I feel that it is the responsibility of every woman to act as a role model to other women and to recognize and support the women around them throughout their careers. When a positive female role model says, 'I'm proud of what you've achieved,' it helps women gain the confidence to say, 'I'm proud of what I've achieved' - this is an important and constructive step to ensuring their continued success." Jennifer Sheridan, CEO, Togeva Limited.

Successes So Far

Togeva Limited's Patent Pending technology is used by over 100k users in over 125 countries, and has won several awards, including Entrepreneur of the Year 2013 at the FDM everywoman in Technology Awards.