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Phase Noise and Suppression Method in the 3G-LTE Uplink Communication System

Wednesday 20 August 2008, 1300-1400
C60 InfoLab21

seminar by Prof. Heung-Gyoon Ryu from Chungbuk National University, Korea


Position: Professor in the Department of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering, Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea

Prof. Ryu is the recipient of the "2002 ACADEMIC AWARD" from the Korea Electromagnetic Engineering Society (Institute)

His fields of Interest include:

- New next generation mobile communication, B3G/4G

- MIMO system with OFDM for next generation mobile communication

- Low Power communication for Satellite and HAPS

- Spread Spectrum System , AJ and LPI Technology

- Communication Signal Processing.

- GPS, WLAN, Mobile Ad-hoc Network, Wireless Sensor Network.

- High performance PLL Design and Application

- CDMA System Design and Adaptive Modulation System

- PLC(power line communication) and Home Networking, etc . . .


From 1988 until now, Professor Ryu has published over 230 papers IEEE and Korea domestic journals, over 50 papers in international and domestic conferences. He has finished or now proceed over 35 research projects from Korea government, ETRI, ADD and Samsung, LG, etc. paper review, book publication, . . .). He graduated 13 Ph.D students and 77 M.S students (2 from Vietnam and 2 from China). Now, He is advising professor of 4 M.S. students and 6 Ph.D students

Publication Lists (within recent 5 years):

- 24 IEEE and IEE Transaction papers

- Submitted papers to IEEE (under review): 32 papers

- International conference papers: over 25 papers

- Domestic regular journal papers: about 55 papers

- Domestic conference papers: about 12 papers

- Submitted or registered Korea patents: 16 patents

- USA patent : 1

- Canada patent : 1

- European Patent : 3