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Beginner iPhone Development Workshop

Thursday 22 July 2010, 0900-1700

Internet, mobile and SEO development company MJR Web, based at Lancaster University's InfoLab21, is set to host a one-day beginner iPhone Development Workshop.

This 'Build an App in a day' course is likely to appeal to a wide range of people, including developers, businesses and those who wish to learn more about iPhone application development. Although the course is geared towards developers, its contents will be presented in a way that fosters creative thought amongst beginners; to this end, the novice developer can learn the basic skills required to write iPhone applications whilst others can gain an appreciation for what is required thereof, especially in regard to the commercial exploitation of such development.

The one-day workshop is a relatively intensive foray into the field of iPhone application programming, so attendees, as a minimum, should feel comfortable using a Mac running OS X.

For more information please go to the link below.