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Additive Manufacturing Masterclass

Monday 11 June 2012, 0900-1200
Engineering Training Suite

Do you want to bring new and innovative products to market faster, with less risk and lower capital investment?

If the answer is yes, Additive Manufacturing could be the solution you have been looking for. This half-day workshop will provide you with an overview of Additive Manufacturing technologies and business benefits, and show you how the technology is being used by companies large and small, to bring new products to market across a range of industries. If this sounds of potential interest to you, read on for more details.

Who is the masterclass aimed at?

Anyone interested in innovating new products or improving on existing supply chains would benefit from this event. You could be an entrepreneur or innovator, a product designer or manufacturing engineer, or you could be the owner/manager of a business looking for a fresh approach to manufacturing.

What is the masterclass about?

This workshop will focus on the concept of Additive Manufacturing (AM). Put simply, this means producing component parts using a very different method of production, where the part is built up from particles of material layer-by-layer, using a computer controlled machine fed directly from a 3D computer image If that sounds complicated, just think of a laser or inkjet printer, but in 3D, where the ink is replaced with plastics, metals or ceramics. In the same way you currently print your pictures or text from the screen onto paper with ink; with AM we print the Object on the screen in the plastics, metals or ceramic.

Now imagine how complicated the geometry of your parts could be if you didn't need to worry about how to make them, or the financial benefits of not needing to make any tooling. Imagine if parts could be personalised to individual customers, or could be made just-in-time or even after the customer has placed the order.

It all sounds too good to be true, and for some applications AM can't be made to work. But, for many applications there are real business benefits to be gained. This half-day work shop will introduce you to these benefits, and also the drawbacks. Most of all, it will give you the knowledge to start implementing AM within your business.

How do I find out more and book a place?

Contact: Chris Lambert of Lancaster Product Development Unit,

Engineering Department, Lancaster University

Telephone: 01524 594 298



What happens after the masterclass?

Following the workshop, if AM looks like a viable solution for your business, the team at Lancaster University can work with you to assess the technology further and to run a pilot study, undertake part trials or to help you establish an AM supply chain. All this support is available at no cost to eligible North West based companies.