Development of point of care testing of critical and chronic health conditions


3 Year Industry-led Funded Phd ref. CGE59

In the healthcare sector rapid results matter for effective and efficient diagnosis.  The aim of this project is to get accurate and economical test results on the patient’s site or in doctor’s clinic from a single drop of blood in a minute. Point of care testing (POCT) will be developed to facilitate localised healthcare monitoring for patients with critical or chronic conditions that require regular measurements from body fluid sources.

Many patients have to make regular journeys to care centres, such as hospitals, for tests to be carried out.  This is very demanding of time, resources and has a very significant impact upon the carbon footprint associated with vehicular transportation. This project aims to address this through provision of local, or at home testing at the point of care. eBiogen aims to provide a portfolio of critical care point of care testing through collaboration with Lancaster University.

Applicants should have a first or 2.1 degree in chemistry or biochemistry.

Industry Partner

This PhD project is supervised by Lancaster University, and eBiogen.  eBiogen Limited is a technology based start-up focusing on the development of point-of-care testing devices for blood. Currently, blood samples are usually sent to remote pathlabs, requiring transportation, delays, large sample volumes and cost.

eBiogen is working on technologies which circumvent many of these problems - the advantages include portability (a credit card sized device compared to a bench top device); rapid, accurate and timely results (results are available in under a minute); multiple tests on one device; low costs and small sample volume (50ul compared to 3ml currently); ease of use and low maintenance.

The company is working with Lancaster University Faculty of Health & Medicine and the Department of Chemistry to develop these test technologies.

Why Apply?

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Application details

To apply for this opportunity please email with:      

• A CV (2 pages maximum)
• PhD Application Form
• Application Criteria Document
• Funded PhD Reference Form
• Reference number: CGE59          

Application Deadline

24th July 2017

Start date September/October 2017