Watershed services delivered by existing woods, hedgerows and soil improvement practice


3 Year Industry-led Funded Phd: Ref. No. CGE50

Full project title: 
Watershed services (local flood-mitigation and nutrient-retention benefits) delivered by existing woods, hedgerows and soil improvement practices within the River Leith basin, Cumbria

Farmers are being asked to incorporate features into the landscape to help mitigate floods and water-quality-issues that develop downstream. For generations, landowners have worked with nature to improve their immediate environment by planting trees, woodland and hedgerows, while also mitigating a range of soil problems.

This collaborative project between the Eden Rivers Trust, Lancaster University and local farmers aims to quantify the value of farm trees, hedges and soil-improvement-practices in reducing the amount of overland-flow and nutrient-loss using systematic field-measurements including soil permeability and moisture, with modelling of the whole River Leith basin in Cumbria.

Industry Partner

This doctoral research project will be supervised by Lancaster University and the Eden Rivers Trust. Formed in 1996, our mission is to: - assist in the conservation, protection and improvement of rivers, streams, their bank sides and all associated wildlife in the Eden catchment - increase the knowledge and awareness of the importance and beauty of the River Eden and its catchment.

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