Smart grid connection of community renewable power system with battery storage


3 Year Industry-led Funded Phd: Ref. No. CGE 26

The doctoral research project aims to develop a smart community renewable power system through system modelling and lab platform development, aiming to convert fluctuated and uncontrollable renewable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy, to controllable power output. This will mitigate the negative impact of renewable power generation on the grid, hence reducing its grid connection cost and maximising its benefit to the end-users and the public.

The project will enable further large scale development of renewable energy systems for communities and contribute significantly for CO2 emission reduction. Applicants should have an MSc in Electrical Engineering, Control Engineering or related subjects.

Industry Partner

This doctoral research project will be supervised by Lancaster University and Entrust Microgrid LLP. Entrust Microgrid is a newly formed Limited Liability Partnership for research & product development & consulting services in smart grid and microgrid technologies, particularly smart grid connection and integration of renewable energy in the electricity grid and energy networks.

Why Apply?

By joining the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation you will receive £15,000 tax free per year, have your postgraduate tuition fees paid for by your partner business, worth £4,121/year (fees for Non EU/UK graduates are subsidised from £17,085/year to £12,964/year), become part of a cohort of graduates working with an award-winning team on business-led R&D, and finish in a strong position to enter a competitive job market in the UK and overseas. This post is subject to confirmation of European Union funding.

Application details

This project has now been recruited.