Novel electrochemical methods for the production of cleaning agents to use in air purification


3 Year Industry-led Funded Phd: Ref. No. CGE46

Smart Separations Ltd (SSL) has developed a proprietary filter that can be tailored to suit many different applications in the underdeveloped, yet global microfiltration industry. This filter will provide a more controlled, versatile, and low-cost solution for several industries including stem cell research, air filtration, and even drink processing.

This PhD project will investigate electrochemical generation of gaseous cleaning/oxidising agents, and aims to develop an electrochemical cell that can be integrated in an air-purification unit. One of the main areas of the project will be the electrochemical production of gases, with research focussing on optimising the design of the cell, by looking at different electrolytes, electrode materials, reaction mechanisms, and investigating the capture and degradation of the gases. The highly efficient gas generation cell is the basis of the chamber that will be incorporated in an air purifying unit developed by the industrial partner. This project would be suited for a Chemical Engineering, Materials Science or Chemistry graduate with laboratory experience and ideally some background on electrochemical science and engineering.

Industry Partner

SSL are a young, vibrant and exciting start-up company looking for new talent that can grow with our highly valuable company. Our ambition is to be the world’s leader in microfiltration and particle separations technology – filling the void gap that exists in the market nowadays. Our mission is to “improve quality of life through innovation” in the areas of health, the environment and human causes. Our work can make a truly global impact and this role is key to making this possible.

Application Details

This project has been recruited.

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