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IAA Case Studies

In 2010, Lancaster University was awarded nearly £50,000 from the EPSRC Pathways to Impact Awards to embed knowledge exchange and impact activities as part of the "normal business" in research grants.

The budget was made available to researchers to try and catalyse a step change in academic behaviour and better embed impact-relevant activities capitalising on the knowledge generated from research grants at Lancaster University. It was also aimed at encouraging investigators to try out new, creative KE activities. Nine projects were funded and details of these are shown below:

Project Title



Investigator training programme for policing online paedophile activity

Prof. A Rashid, School of Computing and Communications

£6k + £8k from LU

Flood Snakes and Ladders: developing an interactive toolkit for training and professional development

Dr W Medd/ DR R Whittle/H Deeming, Lancaster Environment Centre


Graphene dissemination/workshop

Prof. V Falko, Department of Physics


Continuing the research on nonlinear estimation methods and group object tracking

Dr M Mihaylova, School of Computing and Communications


Proof-of-concept: Magnetic decontamination of drinking water supplies

Prof B Maher, Lancaster Environment Centre/ Prof R Tucker, Department of Physics


Design for Flexibility and Change within health providers

Prof. R Cooper, Daniela Sangiorgi, Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts


e-Investigator – Exploring the commercial development of an immersive simulation for investigative training and game entertainment

Prof. T. Ormerod & Dr. C. Dando, Department of Psychology


Handbook of best practice in model driven engineering

Prof. J Whittle, School of Computing and Communications


Geo-magnetically induced current hazards workshop

Dr J Wild, Department of Physics