Security Lancaster

Security Lancaster

Security Lancaster delivers research and education that innovates and creatively challenges the way that individuals, organisations and societies secure and protect themselves.

We achieve this via engagement and collaboration with companies from a range of sectors and governments. Our approach delivers the very best use-inspired and pure research alongside cutting edge education that delivers real impact.

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Security and Protection Science at Lancaster

Security Lancaster brings together the very best research and industry expertise to promote the security of society and its infrastructure. The centre provides co-location opportunities, security education, training and multidisciplinary solution focused research. We offer a complete approach to the protection of what is important to you and your organisation.

Access Expertise

  • Conflict in contemporary society
  • Cyber security behaviours
  • Emerging trends in national/global security politics and technologies
  • Forensic linguistics
  • Influence and persuasion
  • Investigative interviewing and reasoning
  • Major case management
  • Network resilience and secure communications
  • Radicalisation and the digital culture
  • Regional expertise: China, Latin America, Africa, India, Middle East
  • Securing mobile and embedded infrastructures
  • Sense-making of large heterogeneous information sources
  • Social unrest and new technologies
  • Vulnerable witness interviewing

Benefits of Collaboration

  • Access multidisciplinary, solution focussed research
  • Tap into our broad networks and collaborate
  • Transfer our skills and knowledge into your organisation
  • Work with us to develop innovative solutions, new products and processes

Education and Training

Educational programmes are a primary mechanism by which Security Lancaster is able to transfer skills and knowledge to your organisation. Whether your requirements are for a bespoke continual professional development package or for more formal academic undergraduate and postgraduate education, we have a proven track record in delivering flexible modular education programmes. An example of this is our Masters degree in Cyber Security that delivers a multidisciplinary programme to educate the next generation of security specialists.

Collaborative Research and Consultancy

Our ability to draw on the expertise of academics from across the faculties of the university allows us to bring a wide range of disciplines to bear on security and protection issues. The combination of academic disciplines from Psychology, Computing and Communications, Social Science, Management, Politics, or Engineering enables Lancaster to innovate in flexible and pioneering ways. We cater for a range of collaborative requirements from contract research and consultancy to help tackle your immediate operational issues to more long term interdisciplinary exploratory research of emergent security areas.

Co-location and Secondment

Professionals who want to take up residency and work alongside our our experts to develop new policy or strategy for their workplace can join us on secondment. Secondees are embedded in a lead academic department which facilitates access to research and resources. We also provide bespoke co-location facilities for businesses.

Partnership Examples

  • Detect, investigative, resolve - several ongoing partnerships are building techniques for effective detection, investigation and resolution of suspicious behaviour
  • Logging decision expertise - with UK police forces, our research is further unravelling the 'what' and 'how' of good investigative leadership
  • iCOP - developing novel forensic software tools to support law enforcement agencies to identify new or previously unknown child abuse media and its originators on peer-to-peer (P2P) networks
  • Identiscope - exploring the concept of multiple identities (e.g. comparing how people behave online and offline) as a resource for understanding and impacting behaviours in the digital world and the impact of social identity processes in online and offline behaviour
  • Isis - developing an ethics-centred monitoring framework and tools to support law enforcement agencies in policing social networks for the purpose of online child protection
  • YouDesignit - developing fresh ways of enabling communities to report and solve problems by providing the blueprints for next-generation social networking which places community responsibility and empowerment at their core
  • ResiliNets - performing theoretical and experimental research to increase the resilience, survivability and dependability of networks in order to develop frameworks, strategies and design guides for the next generations of digital networks

We also work as part of a wider multidisciplinary team across Science and Technology and the Faculty of Applied Social Sciences at Lancaster and can also link in with experts in Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, Environment, Health and Human Development, Information and Communication Technologies, Mathematics and Statistics, Politics and Quantum Technology to complement our expertise.