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Policy and Resources Committee

The Policy and Resources Committee is responsible for advising the Dean on strategic planning and for policy formulation and oversight, including policies on financial management and budgeting, and resource prioritisation in support of research and teaching. It is also responsible for the establishment and terms of reference for the Faculty's sub-committees and working parties.

Membership of the Committee is as follows:

  • dean (in the chair)
  • associate deans
  • head of department of each department in the faculty
  • senior faculty administrator
  • one representative of the support staff (selected by ballot following nominations by the support staff to the dean)
  • any co-opted member as agreed by the committee
  • the Faculty Accountant shall attend the meeting.

The committee meets at least twice a term. Meetings may be called by the Dean or Deputy Dean as required.

The Committee is responsible for the monitoring of the Faculty's activities as reported by the Research Committee, the Undergraduate Committee and the Postgraduate Committee, and any sub-committees, representative of the whole Faculty, that it shall establish to advise it on other matters, such as admissions and the provision of information technology.

The committee advises the Dean on:

  • general policy matters
  • the attainment of the Faculty objectives, priorities and plans, subject to overall University policy and priorities
  • the allocation of the Faculty's recurrent and equipment funds to its constituent Departments and other spending units; the formulation of Departmental and other budgets and determination of priorities in the use of particular resources in support of research and teaching (including selective use of staff time, staff development, consumables, space and other physical facilities).

Current Members

  • Professor Mary Smyth Faculty Dean (Chair)
  • Professor Jamshed Anwar Associate Dean for Research,
  • Professor Andrew Binley Associate Dean for Resources,
  • Heather Churchman FST HR Partner
  • Professor Geoffrey Coulson Professor, Computing and Communications
  • Simon Cresswell Faculty Teaching Quality Support Officer,
  • Dr Keith Davidson Director of Natural Sciences,
  • Dr Christopher Edwards Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies,
  • Professor Peter Fielden Head of Department, Chemistry
  • Professor Kevin Jones Distinguished Professor, Lancaster Environment Centre
  • Professor Malcolm Joyce Professor, Engineering
  • Professor Andrey Lazarev Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Professor Charlie Lewis Professor, Psychology
  • Professor Peter Ratoff Director of the Cockcroft Institute, Physics
  • Dr Sarah Sweeney Senior Faculty Administrator,
  • Martin Ward Administrative and Technical Staff Representative, Physics
  • Kay Bowen Personal Assistant (Secretary)