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Safety Committee

The Safety Committee advises departments and the university on the implementation and development of university safety policy.

The Safety Committee's specific terms of reference are to advise departments and the university on the implementation and development of university safety policy, to spread good practice across the faculty, and to enable communication in both directions between the University Safety Committee, Heads of Departments, Area Safety Offices and the Dean on all matters relating to safety, including:

  • The safety infrastructure needs of the faculty to support teaching, administration and research
  • The safety training and support needs of the faculty
  • The development, implementation and maintenance of effective and appropriate safety systems

Current Members

  • Professor Mary Smyth Faculty Dean (Chair)
  • Peter Caley Laboratory Superintendent, Engineering
  • John Dwyer Faculty Superintendent, Faculty of Health and Medicine
  • Professor Peter Fielden Head of Department, Chemistry
  • Shonah Ion Departmental Superintendent, Physics
  • Gordon Johnston Workshop/Laboratory Technician, Psychology
  • Professor Kevin Jones Distinguished Professor, Lancaster Environment Centre
  • Professor Malcolm Joyce Professor, Engineering
  • Professor Andrey Lazarev Professor, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Professor Charlie Lewis Professor, Psychology
  • Andy Quin Buildings and Facilities Superintendent, Lancaster Environment Centre
  • Helen Quirk Superintendent, Chemistry
  • Professor Peter Ratoff Director of the Cockcroft Institute, Physics
  • Dr Utz Roedig Reader, Computing and Communications
  • Professor Jon Whittle Professor, Computing and Communications
  • Yvonne Rigby Information Resources Officer (Secretary)