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Marketing Committee

The functions of the Marketing Committee are to look at ways of improving marketing of both research and teaching in the Faculty, and to examine ways in which the research done in the Faculty can be brought to the attention of the general public.

Current Members

  • Dr Alan Collins Senior Lecturer (Chair)
  • Professor Jamshed Anwar Associate Dean for Research,
  • Dr Alan Darragh Marketing and Recruitment Officer,
  • Dr Keith Davidson Director of Natural Sciences,
  • Dr Christopher Edwards Associate Dean for Postgraduate Studies,
  • Amanda Elsworth-Ross Marketing Manager,
  • Dr Joe Finney Senior Lecturer, Computing and Communications
  • Anne-Marie Flynn Science Communication &Marketing Officer,
  • Dr Harald Fox Senior Lecturer, Physics
  • Dr Jan Grabowski Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Professor Stefan Koelsch Professor, Psychology
  • Dr Michael Peach Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Dr Stephen Quayle Engineering, Engineering
  • Dr Jane Taylor Senior Lecturer, Lancaster Environment Centre
  • (Secretary)