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Undergraduate Teaching Committee

The Undergraduate Teaching Committee advises the Dean and the Policy and Resources Committee on undergradute teaching across the faculty.

The aims of the committee are to:

  • develop strategy in undergraduate teaching, learning, recruitment, procedure and delivery and prepare policy for the dean and PRC
  • ensure good practice in undergraduate teaching throughout the faculty and promote both innovation and excellence
  • coordinate and develop new undergraduate courses and schemes of study and scrutinise and monitor existing course provision
  • review departmental recruitment plans, monitoring recruitment to all courses, seeking and analysing market intelligence, encouraging new course developments to meet identified demand, and scrutinising all course proposals against known demand
  • make proposals to the Senate and other appropriate committees for new undergraduate courses and schemes of study and for changes to existing courses and schemes
  • monitor the employment of graduates of faculty courses and develop and review activities to increase employability
  • coordinate quality assurance and academic audit for undergraduate courses
  • advise the dean on cost effective use of teaching resources
  • make recommendations about external examiners for all undergraduate schemes of study
  • consider marketing and publicity issues for teaching in the Faculty
  • respond to central committee consultation
  • monitor and coordinate where necessary interaction with schools and colleges
  • report to the PRC and plenary meeting actions taken on their behalf
  • form ad-hoc sub committees as deemed appropriate by the chair

The membership of the Committee is as follows:

  • associate dean for undergraduate teaching (in the chair)
  • dean (ex officio)
  • associate dean for postgraduate studies
  • director of teaching and learning of each department in the faculty (in their absence a designated alternative will attend)
  • one representative of each centre and unit in the faculty which has direct responsibility for delivering undergraduate teaching programmes
  • director of combined science
  • one representative of the support staff (Selected by ballot following nominations by the support staff to the dean)
  • two undergraduate students, to withdraw for some reserved items
  • any co-opted member as agreed by the committee
  • one representative of each of the Library, the Careers Service, and Organisation and Educational Development shall attend when business relevant to their service is under discussion
  • representatives of cognate schemes of study shall be invited to attend when relevant

The Committee normally meets at least once per term. Additional meetings may be called by the Dean or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching as necessary. The Teaching Quality Support Officer shall normally be the secretary.

Current Members

  • Professor Gordon Blower Associate Dean for Undergraduate Teaching (Chair)
  • Susan Armitage Teaching/Curriculum Development Advisor, HR
  • Dr Robert Blake Student Learning Advisor,
  • Jenny Brine , Library
  • Dr Alan Collins Senior Lecturer, Psychology
  • Dr Michael Coogan Senior Lecturer, Chemistry
  • Dr Keith Davidson Director of Natural Sciences,
  • Dr Christopher Edwards ex officio,
  • Dr Jennie Gilbert Senior Lecturer, Lancaster Environment Centre
  • Professor Xi Jiang Professor, Engineering
  • Dr Bob Lauder Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health and Medicine
  • Dr Edward McCann Reader, Physics
  • Dr Paul Rayson Senior Lecturer, Computing and Communications
  • Dr Corina Sas Senior Lecturer, Computing and Communications
  • Phil Tubman E-Learning Development Officer, ISS
  • Dr Amanda Turner Lecturer, Mathematics and Statistics
  • Simon Cresswell Faculty Teaching Quality Support Officer (Secretary)