Professor Frank Martin

Professor Frank Martin


LEC Building
Lancaster University
United Kingdom

+44 (0)1524 510206

Research Interests

The main focus of my research is directed towards characterising factors governing susceptibility of epithelial-cell populations to the DNA-damaging (genotoxic) events that occur during the initiation and promotion of cancer. I am especially interested in the aetiology of sporadic breast and prostate cancer. Strong epidemiological evidence suggests that environmental and/or dietary factors play a significant role in the causation of these gender-associated cancers. To this end I am especially interested in the DNA-damage mechanism of action of DNA-reactive carcinogens and how this may inter-relate with the effects of endocrine-active agents. This involves the use of short-term genotoxicity assays, quantitative gene expression analyses (especially of hormone-associated metabolising enzymes), infrared micro-spectroscopy, immunohistochemistry and other cell toxicity studies. Of course, several of these experimental platforms are readily translatable to an ecotoxicological platform.

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