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Food Security and Safety Symposium

Mon 13 - Wed 15 September 2010
Lancaster University

Organised jointly between the SEB Education & Public Affairs Section and Lancaster University.

With the world's population set to reach 7 billion at a time when the predicted global warming of our climate will make it increasingly difficult to grow food, even in many of the major food-producing regions, food security and safety are high on the global political agenda. Food production is only one of a number of key factors that impact directly on the world's ability to feed its burgeoning population. Other drivers include energy policy, climate change mitigation efforts, local economic regulation such as quotas and wealth distribution. Put another way, food security and safety is not solely about science and technology or about social institutions and economics. Rather it is about the complex and contradictory interrelationships that link together all these factors and more.

This Symposium, organised jointly by Lancaster University and the Society for Experimental Biology, is an interdisciplinary meeting addressing the factors restricting food production and the opportunities for increasing food security. We will focus on and highlight the contributions that can be made by science and technology: crop scientists, plant breeders, agronomists, biotechnologists, ecologists and by social scientists, ethics, economics and policy professionals.

Talks will be short and accessible to a broad audience who are interested in the issues associated with food security and safety. This will allow time for interactive discussion with plenty of opportunity for delegates to network, identify potential inter- and cross-disciplinary collaborations and build on current knowledge.

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