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Civil Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Ben Keshales & Rob MacKenzie, IAI Engineering & LEC

Monday 28 June 2010, 1500-1600

Cross-theme seminar

Envisaged Civil Applications for UAVs

Ben Keshales (IAI Engineering)

Starting as an esoteric technology used by the military, unmanned aviation has grown to the point where, for some purposes, they are replacing manned aviation. UAV technology has matured to the point where it has promise for civil use. The wide variety of military UAVs means that there is considerable scope for technology transfer to a wide range of civil applications. Once established in the civil sector, scientific, governmental and commercial applications will drive further UAV development, offering new opportunities for wealth creation and improved quality of life.

Earth and Environmental Science using UAVs

Rob MacKenzie (LEC)

Rob will report the findings of the scoping study on the use of UAVs that he carried out on behalf of the Technology theme of the Natural Environment Research Council. The scoping study covered all aspects of NERC science and provided NERC with a "hit list" of science targets that could benefit from the use of UAVs. The study's recommendations have been accepted by NERC and will inform upcoming research programmes.