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London Mathematical Society Workshop : Rigidity of Frameworks and Applications

Mon 12 - Thu 15 July 2010
Lancaster University

The theory of bar-joint frameworks and related constraint systems of geometric objects forms a broad mathematical subject which makes use of diverse techniques drawn from combinatorics and matroid theory, from commutative algebra and algebraic geometry and from analysis.

Additionally there are significant applications in engineering, material science and CAD software development.

Recent scientific meetings have shown increased vitality in the area as have a number of recent developments, such as the resolution of the molecular conjecture, stress matrix characterisations of global rigidity, and group representation and operator theory methods for symmetric frameworks and infinite frameworks.

The object of this meeting will be to bring together leading international researchers, new researchers and young researchers for scientific exchange and collaboration, and to foster further research and collaboration in the United Kingdom.

Although the emphasis will be on mathematics invitations have been extended to specialists in applications. Specialists in operator theory have also been invited reflecting emerging techniques in infinite framework models.

The conference format will comprise three formal days of approximately 20 lectures. There will be four short primer lectures on the day before the formal conference lecture programme. We hope and expect that contributions and collaborations will continue informally in the days following the conference.

The meeting is supported by a Scheme 1 Grant from the London Mathematical Society and by the Faculty of Science and Technology of Lancaster University. The meeting is open to all and some funding remains available for postgraduate students.