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Catchment & Aquatic Processes PhD Seminar Day

Thursday 09 September 2010, 1100-1630
Furness Lecture Theatre 2

11:00 Coffee and Welcome

Session 1 - Chaired by Prof John Quinton, LEC

11:10 Prof Graham Harris - "LEC Director's welcome and introduction"

11:15 Sue Fozard - "Availability and toxicity of Mo and W to the soil dwelling organism Eisenia veneta"

11:35 Tegan Darch - "Phosphorus dynamics in buffer strip soils"

11:55 Pete Shanahan - "Cultivation tramlines in the agricultural environment - assessing the effects on soil health and land management practices"

12:15 Rosie Law - "The influence of nutrients, velocity and grazers on phytobenthic communities"

12:35 - 13:30 Lunch served in the Atrium

Session 2 - Chaired by Dr David Chadwick, BBSRC North Wyke Research

13:30 Will Roberts - "Mobilisation of phosphorus retained in vegetated buffer strips"

13:50 Hao Cheng - "Development of DGT (diffusive gradients in thin-films) capabilities for regulatory monitoring"

14:10 John Keery - "Estimation of aquifer permeability from multiple-frequency electrical measurements"

14:30 Elahe Hojaji Najafabadi - "Investigation of trace metal binding properties of lignin in freshwaters by DGT"

14:50 - 15:20 Afternoon Tea served in the Environmental Science Quad

Session 3 - Chaired by Professor Phil Haygarth, LEC

15:20 Dr Isabel Moreno Aranda - "Linking hydrodynamics and chemistry in a macrotidal estuary: The Wyre Estuary"

15:40 Eleanor Mackay - "Heterogeneity in a small lake: mixing processes and phosphorus supply"

16:00 Mohammad Shafaei-Arvajeh - "Dissociation kinetics of Ni complexes investigated using DGT and a dynamic numerical model"

16:20 Final remarks and wider CAP issues Phil Haygarth

16:30 Social : Nibbles and drinks