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LEC Business Breakfast Club - Protecting Your Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Office

Thursday 19 May 2011, 0800-1030
LEC Training Rooms 1 And 2

Intellectual property (IP) is a product of an idea that has commercial value, especially copyrighted material, patents and trademarks. There are numerous laws which protect the IP owner but understanding and using these can be complicated and time consuming.

At this Breakfast Club meeting we will outline the basics of IP protection and outline the route a company working with Lancaster took to develop its IP and take it to market.


The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) will provide an overview on protecting Intellectual Property and outline ways in which the IPO offers support.

Professor Nigel Paul, Lancaster University will discuss working with Becker Underwood Inc. and Plant Bioscience Limited to develop a new seed treatment technology with staff at Lancaster Environment Centre ready for market. More information on this project is in the news pages of our website.

Lars von Borcke, from PBL Technology, will be presenting the project with Nigel Paul from the external point of view.

Free IP Clinic

Tom Hutchinson, of Hutchinson IP Limited, will be providing 10-15 minute free IP clinics following the session. During these sessions Tom will provide free advice on IP issues and suggest options for protection, he will also bring various information sheets for you to take away. Please contact Becky Gordon to book your free place.

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