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Centre for Ecology and Hydrology Annual Student Seminar Day

Tuesday 09 November 2010, 1300-1600
LEC Training Room 2

13:00 Introduction

13:15 "Soil Carbon Dynamics Under Miscanthus" - Emily Bottoms

13:35 "Assessing biochar for climate mitigation in agri-ecosystems" - Sean Case

13:50 "Predatory birds and POPs" - John Crosse

14:10 "A European scale assessment of the contamination and risk from perfluorinated compounds (PFCs) to birds in estuarine and terrestrial ecosystems" - Bryony Devoy

14:20 Coffee break

14:40 "Developing measurements techniques to establish the chemical and biological availability of metals in UK soils" - Judith Garforth

14:50 "The role of nutrients and hydrological disturbance in determining the status of attached algal communities in rivers" - Rosie Law

15:05 "The role of near-shore hydrodynamics in mediating the flux of phosphorus from land to lake interiors" - Ellie Mackay

15:25 "Impact of Spatio-Climatic Variability on Environment-Hosted Land-based Renewables: Microclimates" - Harriett Rea

15:35 "Peatland diversity and carbon dynamics" - Mike Whitfield