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Unpicking the web of plant defence signalling networks

Dr Luis A. J. Mur, IBERS: Aberystwyth University

Wednesday 04 May 2011, 1600-1700
LEC Training Rooms 1 And 2

Plant defence against pathogens is co-ordinated by multiple signals which are differentially employed against different types of pathogenic attack. Classically, salicylic acid is thought to play a defensive role against biotrophic pathogens (which cause diseases which have extended periods where host tissue is alive) and jasmonic acid with ethylene mediating defence against nectrophic pathogens (where disease immediately kills host tissue). In reality, a wider array of defence signals are employed including nitric oxide, reactive oxygen species as well as auxin and abscisic acid.

In this talk, the role of nitric oxide as a key component of a web of defence signal interactions will be described.

Further, we will demonstrate how metabolomic approaches coupled with the genetic resources offered by Arabidopsis can reveal mechanisms of ethylene mediated resistance against Botrytis cinerea.

This will show the role of 1) cell wall modifications, 2) indole glucosinolates and 3) auxin signalling in suppressing B. cinerea infections.