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Eco-toxicity: emerging pollutants and related regulation

Friday 30 March 2012, 0845-1500
Paris Region Council, 57 Rue De Babylone, 75007, Paris

These international meetings are organised by KARIM to help match academic skills with SME projects and propose funding across North West Europe in the field of Responsible Innovation.

Eco-toxicology is the study of how chemicals affect the environment and the organisms living in it. Regulation exists to ensure the protection of human health and the environment ensuring that the use of chemicals is evaluated and monitored.

This second open forum will explore existing and emerging regulation including:

  • Emerging pollutants, their characterization and treatment
  • Micro-pollutants (organic or metallic) and POPs
  • Nano-materials

The aim of this forum is to share market opportunities and facilitate the exchange of ideas and knowledge. This is an ever changing arena and the field of nano-materials, in particular, is presenting new information all the time about what regulation could and should look like.

Upcoming deadlines and the changing nature of regulation is resulting in potentially exciting opportunities in areas such as:

  • Socio-economic risk assessment
  • Chemical assessment
  • Training surrounding ECHA guidance
  • The design and creation of ICT programs that assist in training
  • Non-animal testing alternatives

Some of these fields require an expertise in the area but there are others that may appeal to those without a background in the chemical industry.

If you work in this area or have an interest and would like to know where the opportunities may be for you, come along and network with experts in this field.

Audience operating in this area and looking for partners for collaborative projects:

  • French SMEs and from North West Europe (about 100)
  • Laboratories from Paris Region, Lancaster University and University College Dublin
  • Institutions


If you want to make a pitch, your presentation can be in English or French (an interpreter is provided). It will be streamed live and recorded on our website to increase its impact. If you cannot attend but still want to show it is possible to record your pitch in advance - get in touch and we can let you know what to do.

Visit the event website to register.