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(In)determinate Subjects: Indeterminacy & Justice

Friday 22 June 2012, 1000-1800
FASS Meeting Room 2

Increasing attention has been given to exploring how to account for entities that are both between time and between natures, such as subject/objects, forms of biotic, technoscientific and inhuman life. This conversation will ask: In what ways can indeterminate entities be observed within (and in excess of) the material/practical conditions of their emergence? How do these conditions create different kinds of responsibility(and new vocabularies which trouble and expand the contours of 'responsibility') which we may not have yet anticipated? How can we imagine alternative forms of accounting that apprehend the ontological and temporal conditions of precarity and justice? By exploring these and further questions we

hope to develop alternative forms of experimentality with human-inhuman configurations that take account of indeterminacy and move us towards a more enduring postrelational politics.

Speakers include: Myra Hird (Queens), Rebecca Ellis (Lancaster University), Claire Waterton (Lancaster University), Nigel Clark (Open University), Natasha Myers (York University) Elizabeth Barron (Harvard University), Filippo Bertoni (University of Amsterdam), Hayder Al-Mohammad (University of Southampton), Arun Saldanha (University of Minnesota), Kathryn Yusoff (Lancaster University) with Celia Roberts (Lancaster University), Maureen McNeil (Lancaster University), and Lucy Suchman (Lancaster University)

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