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Crop and soil management to enhance crop production

Friday 22 June 2012, 0900-1400
LEC Training Rooms 1 And 2

Centre for Sustainable Agriculture

Global perspectives on Food Security
09:10-09:30Bill Davies
(Lancaster University, UK)
International initiatives to overcome the effects of crop water deficits
09:30-09:50Fusuo Zhang
(China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
Reconciling nutrient application with food security
09:50-10:10Juan Jose Alarcon
(CSIC Murcia, Spain)
Water and food security in the Mediterranean
Crop improvement
10:10-10:30Eric Ober
(Rothamsted Research)
Genetic variation in crop water use efficiency
10:30-10:50Lixing Yuan
(China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
Genetic and molecular dissection of maize root systems for nitrogen use efficiency
Hormone Interactions
11:10-11:30Sally Wilkinson
(Lancaster University, UK)
Plant hormone interactions: innovative targets for crop breeding and management
11:30-11:50Chunjian LiInfluence of auxin on nicotine synthesis and potassium distribution in tobacco plants
Rhizosphere Physics and Biology
11:50-12:10Richard Whalley
(Rothamsted Research)
Plant sensing of water availability
12:10-12:30Jianbo Shen
(China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
Manipulating root growth/rhizosphere processes by maize
12:30-12:50Junling Zhang
(China Agricultural University, Beijing, China)
Do arbuscular mycorrhiza fungi still contribute to plant nutrient uptake in high input agro-ecosystems?
15:50-13:10Ian Dodd
(Lancaster University, UK)
Exploiting plant growth promoting rhizobacteria in sustainable agriculture
13:10-14:00General Discussion & Lunch

All Welcome!