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Energy and Fuels from Waste - Module 3 CANCELLED

Tue 12 - Thu 14 March 2013
Lancaster Environment Centre

This module looks at Environmental Management of Waste Derived Energy Generation

It will provide students with an advanced understanding of the procedures involved in the implementation of a formal or informal (non-certified) environmental management system (EMS) designed specifically for waste to energy installations. Students will gain a comprehensive knowledge of EU and UK environmental legislation and permitting regulations relating to energy from waste installations and, through a series of site visits, will gain an insight into regulations and practicalities surrounding environmental sampling procedures, as required by regulators. Issues of compliance and non-compliance will be dealt with in the context of local case-studies. The module will deliver detail on Phase 1 and Phase 2 site investigations, introducing students to the concepts of landscape character assessment, ecological surveys, remediation and risk assessment.

Full-scale environmental impact assessments will be dealt with under the heading of 'The Planning Application', which will lead into a detailed study of the Environmental Permitting Regulations, as administered by the Environment Agency. The Waste Incineration Directive (WID) and the Landfill Directive will also be studied in detail. Finally, students will learn how an EMS is implemented, from writing the system and training staff in its use, through to compliance reporting and stakeholder engagement.

On completion of this module, students will know the key steps involved in selecting a site and assessing its suitability for accommodating an energy from waste facility. Students will have a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory framework within which key decisions are made, and will be familiar with statutory consultees. Students will know how environmental management systems are constructed and implemented, and will know how to operate within the confines of an environmental permit, including monitoring and reporting.

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