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*FULLY BOOKED* The Power of Tides: Generating Predictable Energy

Dr Stephen Quayle, Department of Engineering, Lancaster University

Tuesday 29 October 2013, 1900-2000
The Storey Institute, Lancaster

As the Earth and Moon pirouette a dance around the Sun, they generate a huge potential of tidal energy. Mankind has been exploiting this for centuries, however in recent times finite amounts of hydrocarbon energy resources, concerns over energy security and international agreements to go green, have launched a new wave of interest in using tidal power. Dr Stephen Quayle will talk through some of the technical solutions being offered and prospects for a predictable energy future.

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Graphene: Small But Mighty

This events is part of a series of free science and technology talks taking place in Lancaster this autumn.

The seven talks cover the latest science and technology research at Lancaster University, from psychology to chemistry, to the new wonder material graphene and the future of cloud computing.

The weekly lecture series at Lancaster's Storey Institute starts on Tuesday 22 October. The talks are completely free, though you will need to book online.