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The Power of Plants: Feeding the World Without Trashing the Planet

Professor William Davies, Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Tuesday 05 November 2013, 1900-2000
The Storey Institute, Lancaster

How will we feed an extra two billion people by the middle of the next century? Focussing on supply chains for the UK and other, less-developed parts of the world, we will see that, while everyone would agree that 'food security' is 'a good thing', ideas about what it means in practice and how it should be achieved vary tremendously.

Proposed developments to address global food insecurity range from global technological innovations to increase productivity of large-scale agriculture, through to social and cultural innovations in local food production and consumption.

We will also consider whether we can ensure that diets support a healthy lifestyle and whether we can be confident that our food is both safe and nutritious. Increasing peoples' access to food involves a lot more than just producing more. Innovations to increase food availability will be important since many resources needed for increased food production are already in very short supply and will inevitably limit our production capacity.

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This events is part of a series of free science and technology talks taking place in Lancaster this autumn.

The seven talks cover the latest science and technology research at Lancaster University, from psychology to chemistry, to the new wonder material graphene and the future of cloud computing.

The weekly lecture series at Lancaster's Storey Institute starts on Tuesday 22 October. The talks are completely free, though you will need to book online.