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Natural Sciences PhD

This new course offers an academic training route for graduates seeking to perform leading fundamental and technologically relevant research that transcends thetraditional discipline boundaries linking one or more other disciplines with Chemistry. Options include Biology and Medicine, Computation, Engineering, Physics and the Lancaster Environment Centre.

This course is particularly suitable for students who wish to specialise in disciplines other than their primary chosen background, but do not want an award in the new traditional discipline.

A substantial amount of research both at the national and international level is interdisciplinary, addressing research questions that fall between the boundaries of traditional disciplines. Indeed real world problems tend to require a multi-disciplinary approach and research expertise at the interfaces of these disciplines is essential to delivering impactful solutions. A PhD award in Natural Sciences will capture and give expression to such research training, giving graduates a competitive advantage in the careers market place. Career opportunities exist right across the scientific spectrum including industry, academic and research institutions, and public sector organisations such as schools and science laboratories.

The PhD, whilst predominantly research based, will be supported by a selection of taught courses across the relevant disciplines, including lectures, seminars and workshops, providing skills in many modern research techniques in the physical and biological sciences.