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FST Distinguished Visitor Programme in Physical Sciences

The Faculty of Science and Technology's Distinguished Visitor Programme in Physical Sciences has the following objectives:

  • To build new international links between Lancaster and leading universities worldwide
  • To increase Lancaster's ability to deliver outstanding research; to enhance the experience of Lancaster's early-career researchers through collaborations with world-leading overseas academics
  • To raise Lancaster's international visibility and appeal among academics in the world's top 100 Universities

It is expected that the nominees will be recognised, active, world-leaders in the area of research complementary to that at Lancaster, be based at an internationally leading overseas university, and that the short-term outcome of each visit will include 4*-quality research publications.

In the longer term, the visits are expected to lead to new grants and to increase Lancaster's recognition and appeal for academic recruiting at all levels.

The programme is a joint venture involving the Departments of Chemistry, Engineering, LEC and Physics, and will support two types of visit:

  1. Extended (1-3 months) visits of distinguished academics to initiate new activities at Lancaster (for longer periods proposers would have to secure additional external resources). The visitor will be expected to deliver a general colloquium for the University staff, 2-4 specialist lectures for young researchers and staff at Lancaster, and 1-2 seminars at leading UK universities. The budget per visit is limited to £1k towards economy-class travel from overseas and £4k/month for living expenses in Lancaster and local travel in the UK.
  2. Short term visits (around 1 week) by distinguished academics from overseas, for establishing new collaborations with Lancaster and the delivery of guest lecture. Such a visit is expected to be followed by a 2 weeks - 1 month visit by a junior researcher from the same group to facilitate the new strand of research at Lancaster. The budget for the initial visit will be limited to £2k and to £3k for the follow-up visit.