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Science and Technology Research Grants


The faculty has an annual fund to support cross-faculty research and research-related activities, including impact generation. For 2012/13 the amount available per grant has been increased to £2,500.

Research grants are available to staff across the faculty and priority will be given to early career staff. Applications for funding, which enhance the research reputation and visibility of the faculty, create impact from research and/or generate additional research income are also welcome.

You may only apply for one grant per academic year and preference will be given to those who did not receive money in the previous year. Applications are reviewed by the Faculty Research Committee, so we advise you to discuss your application with your departmental research committee representative.

As applicants may not receive the full sum requested, please let the faculty office know if you are unable to undertake the proposed activity so that funds may be reallocated.

Applications must be submitted via email by 5.00pm on the date of the deadline, no late applications will be considered.

Grant recipients must submit a written report of approximately 500 words within four weeks of ending the activity. Failure to do so without good reason will result in the withdrawal of funds.