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Science and Technology Teaching Grants


Teaching Development grants will be awarded to support activities which enhance teaching in the Faculty at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Grants will be awarded to an academic staff member of the Faculty, who can use the funds themselves or for a group involved in a common project.

Priority will be given to projects which lead to some measureable output such as a teaching conference lecture, a pedagogical paper or an element of a course. Teaching grants may be used to cover the costs of attending teaching conferences, especially those at which the outputs are presented.

Applications should be made to Yvonne Rigby using the appropriate form by 5.00pm on the date of the deadline. Applications need to give a clear statement of the academic purpose of the project, the intended outputs and the proposed expenditure. Grant holders should seek approval from their Head of Department.

Grant holders will be required to submit a summary report of approximately 500 words on the achievements and outcomes within four weeks of the end of the project.