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Internship Programme

Current Vacancies

Engineering internship - Student Academy

This internship is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Bikenetic Ltd is a small company based in Cumbria that has been developing products for use principally in domestic markets and those aimed at families with small children. The company has been focussing on products that aim to reduce fossil fuel consumption by encouraging alternative forms of transport. Bikenetic Ltd has developed a range of market intelligence and is seeking to exploit both their design concepts alongside the market intelligence already assimilated.

The overall purpose of the role is to work with Bikenetic Ltd to undertake confidential design and development work with the company on a new product. The product consists of a multi-functional approach which is a roof-box that has the ability to be removed from the roof and convert to an open cart/trolley for onward transportation from car park to tent/caravan. As such, it is fulfilling a hybrid role. Therefore, the target market is for ‘park and camp’ attractions such as music festivals. Designs will include an assessment of the environmental impacts of different methods of manufacture. An overarching aim is to bring the concept from idea to virtual model and is therefore pivotal in the product development process. This will allow the company to progress the product towards prototyping and manufacture.

The role will involve working closely with the company through various communication media such as face-to-face meetings, telephone and e-mail correspondence.

The main outputs will be:
- Provision of 3D models and all associated CAD data based on an iterative design process with the company
- A report that details design decisions, selection rationale and any other aspects of the product development process
- An environmental impact assessment, showing different manufacturing methods and their associated carbon values (this can be achieved using for example SolidWorks Sustainability module)

This internship is for 140 hours and it is hoped that the successful candidate will be able to start in June.

Skills required

• Studying for a degree in engineering or a related discipline
• Ability to use 3D modelling software with relative ease
• Excellent communication skills
• A desire to work on an early phase commercial project
• Interest in consumer product design
• Demonstrable time management skills

• Knowledge of basic fluid dynamics
• Experience of quantifying the carbon impact of products through systems such as the Solidworks Sustainability module
• Experience of producing high quality outputs (such as reports) for commercial organisations

Further information


Lancaster Product Development Unit
Lancaster Product Development Unit (LPDU), the knowledge exchange team for Lancaster University's Engineering Department is delivering funded internship opportunities via the SusDRAM:EDA Project (Sustainable Design for Rapid/Additive Manufacturing: Engineering Design Academy). This initiative will provide around 40 paid projects to students from mid-2014 to mid-2015, working on specific projects with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from England's Northwest. The Engineering Design Academy is funded in part by the European Regional Development Fund.


Lancaster Product Development Unit, , Engineering Department, , Lancaster University, , Lancaster, LA1 4YR

Hourly rate

£6.31 (plus holiday pay)

Closing date

Sun 18th May 2014

Interview date

To be confirmed