12 September 2017
Dr Lidietta Giorno, Director of the Institute for Membrane Technology of the National Research Council of Italy (ITM-CNR), will be in Lancaster this October, talking about her cutting-edge research.

Dr Giorno has been the Director of ITM-CNR since 2009, and is an expert in membrane science and technology. Her research activity includes membrane bioengineering, biocatalytic membrane reactors, nanostructured multifunctional membranes, and membrane chirotechnology, among many other related topics.

During a visit to Lancaster on Tuesday 3rd October, Dr Giorno will deliver a talk titled: ‘Advances in membrane engineering and future perspectives: case studies at ITM-CNR’, during which she will outline the cutting-edge research being undertaking at ITM-CNR and discuss what this means for the future of membrane technology.

The event will start at 12pm in LEC1 Biology Lecture Theatre, and more details can be found at: http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/engineering/news-and-events/events/?view=fulltext&id=d.en.332963

In 2011, Dr Giorno was awarded the International ‘Guido Dorso’ Award for her research, and the Sapio Red Carpet Award in 2016.

Dr Giorno has co-authored eight books, over 110 peer reviewed scientific papers in international journals, and is the co-editor of the Encyclopedia of Membranes, Springer, 2016.

She has also served as the President of the European Membrane Society (EMS) Council and as the Editor of the EMS Membrane Newsletter. She has been an Honorary Member of the EMS since 2014.

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