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Faculty of Science and Technology Postgraduate Studentships

The faculty has a limited number of PhD studentships available for students commencing their studies in October 2006. Studentships cover Home/EU level fees plus a maintenance grant of £13000 per annum for three years.

These awards are available only to full-time students. Students in receipt of PhD studentships will be required to undertake some teaching duties. New applicants should apply using the normal procedure via the university's Postgraduate Office. To ensure that you are considered, you should send a separate email to the postgraduate admissions secretary in the department to which you are applying stating that you wish to be considered for a studentship. To be considered, your application needs to be received by 24th March 2006. Students who have already applied will be considered automatically.

A number of departments within the faculty also offer studentships for full-time Masters programmes. Please see the relevant department pages for the availability of these.

Fri 03 March 2006

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