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Postgraduate Opportunities in Engineering

Five MSc (by Research) opportunities as well as a funded PhD in Renewable Energy are currently available in Lancaster's Engineering Department.

MSc by Research

The MSc opportunities, each with a significant living allowance, are offered by Lancaster Product Development Unit (LPDU), the Outreach Team of the Engineering Department. Three are focused on rapid manufacturing and two on sustainable product development. The MSc titles are:

  • MSc Engineering (by Research) in Rapid Manufacturing Supply Chain and Implementation Strategies for the NW Region
  • MSc Engineering (by Research) in Rapid Manufacturing Design Scenarios
  • MSc Engineering (by Research) in Rapid Manufacturing Part Consolidation, Optimisation and Waste Reduction
  • MSc Engineering (by Research) in Carbon Footprint Methodology Development
  • MSc Engineering (by Research) in Social Impact Assessment

Each one attracts a studentship that covers the Home/EU course registration fee and which provides a maintenance living allowance of £8500.

Renewable Energy PhD

The engineering department's Renewable Energy Group also has funding to support a PhD in the design build and test of a river based low head hydro power system.

Tue 12 June 2007

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