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Lancaster Science and Technology at the Big Bang Science Fair

Staff and Students from Science and Technology departments at Lancaster University hosted a range of activities at the Big Bang Science Fair in London last week. The activities were designed to bring Science and Technology to life and engage young people with STEM subjects.

The School of Computing and Communications brought an interactive motion sensitive game, designed by Highwire student John Hardy.

Engineering offered visitors the chance to generate energy on a cycle or rowing machine, to power a Wii console or boil a kettle, or for two friends to compete head to head to see who could generate the most energy.

Finally, Mathematics and Statistics provided the "Impossible" Hoopla, where visitors could try first-hand a seaside attraction from Blackpool Promenade and see if they could beat the odds of 1 in 2600, as calculated by Dr David Lucy, to win a Lancaster University bear. This attraction proved hugely popular, and two lucky visitors walked away with a prize from an estimated 7,000 throws over the course of the Fair.

The fair showcased activities from over 120 different organisations in the field of Science and Technology, and saw visitor turnout increase on previous years.

Wed 16 March 2011

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