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Shaping the future: inspirational PhD opportunities

Always seeking to push boundaries and leading the way in excellent research, the Engineering Department at Lancaster University has announced a number of new PhD scholarships.

Working alongside Sellafield Sites Ltd, Dr Fabrice Andrieux of Lancaster University will be the lead supervisor of the project entitled 'The Micro-Optical Ring Electrode: A Sensor for Multiple Actinide Ions Monitoring.'. The driver for the research is to develop the MORE for nuclear applications, namely the characterisation of uranium, neptunium and plutonium ions present in aqueous solutions.

Examining the in-situ monitoring of radionuclides in groundwater with emphasis on tritium detection will be the focus of the project lead by Dr David Cheneler of Lancaster University. The objective is to develop a new type of solid state tritium detector with high counting efficiencies that can be used in the field for continuous monitoring of groundwater.

Robotics in the Nuclear industry will be explored in the project led by Dr James Taylor, with the aim of improving the sense of immersion by remote operators to develop a semi-autonomous robotic system for use in robots accessing areas of high radiation to perform complex tasks.

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Fri 11 April 2014