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Industrial MSc Opportunities for business and staff

Your business has an environmental issue which requires specialist research and assistance.

Your business is committed to the growth, development and job security of its staff.

Your business wants to investigate a significant area of potential growth but is constrained by a lack of resource.

The Lancaster Environment Centre has developed new Masters by Research opportunities for north west businesses and staff. 1 year (or 2 years part time) MSc's are available for staff members to comprehensively investigate a problem within their existing company.


  • Costs range from £3,390 to £9,390.
  • Projects can start at any time in the year.
  • Projects must be environmentally focused and academically rigorous.
  • Maintain staff whilst enabling professional development and solving a company-specific problem.
  • Projects must be achievable within the time frame.
  • Ensure job security and payment whilst in education for valuable and established staff members.
  • Access to a 300+ strong dedicated environmental research centre and broader university benefits.

More Information

01524 510 586

Fri 05 February 2010