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New MSc in Biophotonics

Applications are welcome for the new MSc in Biophotonics commencing in October 2008.

The area of biophotonics is increasingly being recognised by both research councils and the government as a niche area of growth in science. Tools developed in the area of photonics have potential applications in areas as diverse as healthcare usage to environmental monitoring. This degree scheme allows students with one particular background (e.g., physics or biology) to bridge the gap into the other subject area. The rationale is to allow them to acquire the understanding that will facilitate the future translation of tools developed in the physical sciences, often at the nano-scale, to address biological problems.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of the fundamental principles of photonics and will be able to apply their inter-disciplinary expertise to the application of emerging technology platforms in a novel way to biological problems. They will develop strong analytical and data-handling skills. Future employment prospects would be within academia and industry.

Wed 23 April 2008

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