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Funded Staff Secondments Between Universities and Companies

The Lancaster Environment Centre can help you access a £50,000 secondment enabling project with our researchers, through the BBSRC Industry Interchange Programme.

Does your company have an unresolved biological issue, or a need to develop new biological products and services?

Would seconding a researcher from your staff into a world class university research group, or a researcher from such a group into your company help resolve the issue?

Is the potential cost of this a concern?

The objective is to provide strategic benefit to industry and the science base from reciprocal access to facilities, expertise, or knowledge and increased understanding of scientific issues of common concern.

Projects must fall within the remit of the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council, which includes research on plants, microbes, animals and tools / technology underpinning biological research. Within LEC most people working in these areas are within our Centre for Sustainable Agriculture.

Project costs can include the secondee's salary, travel, consumables, supervising staff time and university overheads. Typically, company partners need to contribute 20% of project costs as a mixture of cash and in-kind contributions (varies with the secondment direction).

Secondees need a PhD, or sufficient experience to undertake the project.

Projects receive thorough academic supervision, are supported by a £35 million 300+ researcher facility and are jointly managed with you.

Other potential benefits to you include access to:

  • Our expertise and ideas.
  • New graduates.
  • Our extensive facilities.
  • Scientific publications.

Find out more

Contact Chris Holroyd on 01524 510228 or via

Fri 01 July 2011