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Electrochem Northwest 2013 comes to Lancaster University

Lancaster University Engineering department recently played host to Electrochem Northwest 2013, a day-long conference showcasing electrochemical research from across the region.

The event brought together researchers from Lancaster University, The University of Manchester, University of Liverpool, and Bangor University, who presented research on topics including Lithium ion batteries, the manufacture of metallic monolayers, electrochemical production of graphene, corrosion processes in geological disposal of nuclear fuel and detection of neurotoxins.

Prizes were awarded to Jennifer Halliwell of Bangor University, whose talk "The Detection of Botulinum Neurotoxins" was judged to be the best presentation of the day, and Lancaster University's Pat Murphy who was awarded the prize for the best poster for "Investigation of water adsorption on metal oxide surfaces in conditions representative of plutonium dioxide storage containers."

Thanks are extended to the conference sponsors: the Royal Society of Chemistry (Electrochemistry and Electroanalytical Sensing Systems Groups), the International Society of Electrochemistry, SciMed, Alvatek, Metrohm and Nanoflex.

Mon 29 July 2013