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EISCAT meeting hosted by Lancaster

The Space Plasma Environment and Radio Science (SPEARS) group in Physics ran the biennial EISCAT radar symposium on campus 12-16 August 2013.

EISCAT is a collection of seven large radar systems in northern Scandinavia, with transmitter powers of 1MW or more. It is used to research the polar upper-atmosphere (50 - 1000km altitude), near-Earth space environment and interplanetary solar wind.

EISCAT also owns a 1MW radio wave pump facility to perform active experiments in the plasma of the ionosphere (50 - 300km altitude).

The EISCAT facility is owned by China, Finland, Japan, Norway, Sweden and the UK with time-buyers from France, Russia, Ukraine and ESA. SPEARS are the biggest UK users.

The meeting was attended by 56 participants from all participating countries as well as the USA. Given the rotation, the next time the symposium will come back to the UK will be 2027.

Thu 22 August 2013