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PhD student attends prestigious Heidelberg Laureates Forum

Lancaster Mathematics and Statistics research student Tomasz Kania has attended the prestigious Heidelberg Laureate Forum as one of a small number of UK-based early-career researchers participating in the event.

The Heidelberg Laureates are international prize winners in mathematics and computer science and the Forum aims to inspire the next generation of researchers by bringing them together with the leaders in their fields. Among the Laureates attending the 2013 meeting were seven Fields Medallists and three Abel Prize winners, including Sir Michael Atiyah, a winner of both.

On his return, Tomasz commented that "the idea of intra-mathematical communication has been always very appealing to me. I was lucky enough to be selected among numerous applicants to participate in the inaugural Heidelberg Laureate Forum. This was a unique experience enabling me to have a look at mathematics as a whole from a more global perspective and that was fantastic".

Mon 07 October 2013