Christmas Conference 2016

Energy Futures: capture, use and impact

Tuesday 20th December, join us from 9.00am, Management School Hub and Lecture Theatre 1

Join us in the Management School Building for an exciting day of presentations, mince pies and refreshments.

Departmental Talks

Throughout the day seven academics representing the full range of the Faculty's research will give lectures. Each of the lectures will represent how each department can impact on the subject of the capture and generation of energy in the 21st century.

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PhD student short talks

Join 15 PhD students as they take the 3 minute challenge to present their research.

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Special guest speaker - Professor Hubert Girault

From grid to mobility. The challenge of re-charging electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are coming very fast. If this is to be welcome from a CO2 reduction viewpoint, it brings new challenges to design and build the necessary infrastructure to keep them going.

We shall present our on-going work to build a model service station. The core is a megabattery for electricity storage. This battery feeds a fast charging station for electric vehicles via a DC-DC converter. This battery also feeds an electrolyser to produce hydrogen for fuel cell cars (1 kg H2/hour).

In this lecture, we shall discuss the role of renewable energies for mobility and ask the question: Is this the end of the oil era?

About Professor Girault

Professor Girault has been the Professor of Electrochemistry at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in Switzerland since 1992.

Professor Girault was educated in France and England and was lecturer at Edinburgh University from 1985-1992. His research interests encompass both the analytical and physical aspects of electrochemistry. In 2015, his laboratory moved to a new EPFL campus in Valais, in the middle of the Swiss mountains, to develop large scale electrochemical storage facilities. During his career, he has supervised more than 60 PhD students. He is the co-author of about 500 publications and patents. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and has been an Associate Editor of Chemical Science since its creation.