9.00am-9.05am Welcome – Professor Vincent Reid (Psychology)
9.05am-10.20am Department Talks
1. Dr Kathryn Toghill (Chemistry) - From Fossil Fuels to Faraday
2. Professor Aneta Stefanovska (Physics) - Physics of biological rhythms: Challenges and applications
3. Professor Roger Kemp (Engineering) - The Challenge of Decarbonising Transport
10.20am-10.45am Break
10.45am-11.15am Impact Talks
Chair: Dr Andreas Mauthe (SCC)
Professor Rob Young (Physics)
Dr Joe Finney (SCC)
Dr Crispin Halsall (LEC)
11.15am-12.15pm PhD Talks
Chair: Dr Chris Edwards (SCC)
12.15pm-1.15pm Lunch
1.15pm-2.15pm Guest Speaker
Professor Jacqueline McGlade
Chair: Professor Gail Whiteman (LEC)
2.15pm-2.35pm Break
2.35pm-4.15pm Department Talks
1. Dr Adam Sykulski (Maths & Stats) - The high-tech message in a bottle: how we learn about how our oceans change in time and space
2. Dr Katie Alcock (Psychology) - Global Challenges to Child Development Research
3. Professor Mariana Rufino (LEC) - Should we be concerned about food security: a journey from South America to Africa
4. Professor Gordon Blair (SCC) - Environmental Data Science: Addressing Global Challenges through Data-driven Innovations
4.15-4:45pm Prizes & Close - Professor Pete Atkinson, Dean