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School Takes Wave Power Challenge

The winning team test their design The winning team test their design

14 Students from Appleby Grammar School visited the Engineering Department on Monday 3rd July to participate in the final part of an Engineering's 'Wave Power Challenge'.

The aim was to design build and test a mini wave energy converter in the department's prestigious wave tank.

Each of the student teams was given basic materials including a plastic bottle and a bicycle pump. their challenge was to construct a device capable of pumping water out of the tank, using only the waves as a source of energy.

The winning team managed to pump an impressive 700 ml in two minutes.

Engineering's Nick Baker, who organised the event, visited Appleby Grammar School in May to contribute to lessons covering renewable energy.

To make it more interesting, says Nick, a challenge was set "which would test the pupils' ingenuity whilst giving them a taste of what engineering is about".

Simon Mumford from Appleby Grammar School praised the event:

"Schemes like this at Lancaster University are vital in showing the student the rewards and opportunities in this academic field.

Students really benefit from visiting universities to experience the reality of student life and what an academic department can offer for future studies."

The Engineering Department hopes to expand the scheme next year to involve other regional schools.

Mon 07 July 2008

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