Researcher Development Framework

All Graduate School research training sessions are mapped against the Research Development Framework (RDF).

This is increasingly important in a competitive market place for those seeking jobs both within Higher Education and beyond.

All of the courses we provide enable the development of skills that are highlighted as vital for researchers in the Researcher Development Statement (RDS) - this is the key reference statement for the development of researchers as endorsed by Research Councils UK.

Four domains encompass what researchers need, to be effective in their research, when working with others, and in contributing to the wider society and environment. Information on what skills you can expect to develop from each course is detailed in the Graduate School Research Training course list.

The Researcher Development Framework (RDF) provides more detail on the Four Domains. It is a tool for planning, promoting and supporting the personal, professional and career development of researchers undertaking postgraduate level research through to postdoctoral research and early career research.

For more information on the RDF and how it can help you as a researcher, go to

Research Development Framework