Meet our Students

Katherine Field

MEng Mechanical Engineering

"I love the campus and the feel of the University, as well as the mix of the practical and intellectual challenges of my degree,” Katharine says.

Isobel Mawby

MPhys Hons Theoretical Physics

"I like that I am able to study the specific branch of physics which I enjoy most, theoretical physics, and this makes my degree more interesting."

Bhuma Limbu

BEng Chemical Engineering

"The course structure has allowed me to experience the foundations of basic engineering and other engineering courses - it made me confident in my choice of chemical engineering," Bhuma says.

Luhtu Murphy

MPhys Hons with Particle Physics and Cosmology

"The best thing about my degree programme would be how it challenges you, either through problems or understanding concepts. It’s a very satisfying feeling to finally work one of these out, and you get to do this regularly throughout the degree."

Monica Plotkin

BSc Hons Computer Science 

Monica has enjoyed overcoming the diverse and highly interesting challenges within her degree. "Even if you make mistakes, or decide to experiment further than what was initially assigned, this is encouraged as you learn for yourself."

Adam Patel

BSc Hons Software Engineering

As an A-Level student from Bolton, Adam chose to study at Lancaster's School of Computing and Communications based on the institute's excellent reputation. “A lot of people are aware that this University has a consistently high reputation in the league tables, but on a more personal level it was the continuous praise that Lancaster received from previous students that encouraged me to study here,” he says.

Rachel Oldfield

BSc IT for Creative Industries

Having been interested in computing from an early age, Rachael Oldfield was glad to have found a course at Lancaster that allowed her both to pursue this interest and explore her creative side.

Paul Muchatuta

BEng Hons Engineering

As a prospective student with options in both physics and engineering, Paul is grateful for the support given to him by Lancaster University: "They gave me an opportunity and I've never looked back."

Bonnie Tsim

MPhys Hons Theoretical Physics

Bonnie's experience in the Physics Department has equipped her with a range of transferable skills and the confidence required to go with it.

Orber Jesus

MSci Hons Software Engineering (with Industrial Experience)

Orber recommends Lancaster University's School of Computing and Communications to prospective students, and advises them to consider their reasons for going to university before finalising their choice.

Helen Turner

MSci Hons IT for Creative Studies (with Industrial Experience)

After studying IT at A Level, Helen Turner was determined to study the subject at university. Having a flair for design, she was glad that Lancaster's School of Computing and Communications offered a more creative approach to IT teaching. 

Daniel Abreu

BSc Hons IT for Creative Industries

"There is a real sense of pride in Lancaster. From the moment I arrived I instantly felt a sense of belonging," says Daniel of his time at the School of Computing and Communications.

Rachel Bennet-Jones

BSc Hons Physics

Rachel was impressed with the range of facilities and welcoming atmosphere of the Physics Department, and is confident that the skills she's learnt will boost her career opportunities and be a great asset to her in the future.

Georgios Tsianakas

BSc Hons Computer Science

Georgios enjoys the broad range of subjects offered in his degree, as well as the friendly environment at the School of Computing and Communications. He relishes the opportunity to apply his skills in his future career.

Eleanor Maloney

BSc Geography

Eleanor says the support system that Lancaster Environment Centre has to offer is particularly beneficial, and she found it easy to make new friends from across the University.

William Jardine

BSc Hons Computer Science

"It’s a great university in a lovely city, the campus setting of the university is ideal and it has a strong Computer Science department with a great focus on the technical, practical side of things rather than the overly theoretical approach a lot of other universities take."