Study Abroad

Do you want to study abroad? Welcome to a great adventure!

A year abroad is exciting and challenging, both academically and socially. It gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the cultural, political and social life of another country, and to learn more about another society than you ever could by staying at home.

Most Lancaster undergraduate students have the opportunity to go abroad to study as part of their degree usually for a year at one of our partners. However, some departments now have a one term study abroad option.

In most cases, your period overseas does not extend the length of your degree programme; the modules count towards your degree.

Over the past 40 years, hundreds of Lancaster students have taken the opportunity to study abroad as part of their degree in North America, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand and Europe (through the Erasmus Programme).

The International Office holds a series of workshops and drop-in sessions to help guide you through the study abroad application process.

Summer and Easter Opportunities

If you are interested in a shorter experience, then a LUSU Overseas programme may be for you. You can go abroad for three weeks in September to China, Ghana, India or Malaysia with other Lancaster University students.

Each trip offers a varied and exciting itinerary, giving you both a practical and academic insight into the rich and diverse culture of that country.

Your Global Exploration is a new exciting travel opportunity during the Easter vacation. You can link your course with Lancaster’s worldwide partnerships and broaden your subject knowledge and immerse yourself in another culture. See your department for further information.

Natalia Weglarz

Natalia’s year in Canada was one of her favourite parts of her degree, and she has remained in contact with many of the friends that she made there. “I still talk to the people I met on an almost daily basis, four years on,” she says.

Alice Hamer

Ecology student Alice opted to spend a year studying at the Gold Coast Campus of Griffith University in Australia. She explains how she found the experience and shares her advice on how to enjoy the benefits of studying abroad.

Laura Bingham

"One of the best things about studying abroad is having the freedom and opportunity to develop yourself as a person. In a way, it was a completely blank slate for me, and a chance to become anything that I wanted."